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Turron Sanchis MiraLatin Food Gift Baskets
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Turron Sanchis Mira


Turron Sanchis Mira

Imported Turrones from Spain

Sanchis Mira Turrones

Freshly Imported from Spain
for the 2018/19 Holiday Season

Turron Sanchis Mira The origins of Turron Sanchis Mira can be traced back to 1863. However, it was in 1966 that four local families; Sanchis Mira, A. Galiana, A. Monerris and Sala Miguel, decided to combine their turron factories into one forming Sanchis Mira, S.A.

Today, Sanchis Mira produces over 7,000 tons of nougat candy and exports turron to more than 30 countries around the world. Without a doubt, their two most popular turrones are turron alicante sanchis mira and turron jijona sanchis mira.

1880 Turron | El Almendro | Sanchis Mira | Castillo de Jijona | El Antiguo

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Turron Sanchis Mira Categories

Sanchis Mira Turron Imperial al Chocolate Etiqueta Negra, Calidad Suprema (Almond and Honey Crunch with Chocolate 200g (7oz))
Turron Sin Azucar Jijona SANCHIS MIRA 200 grs. (7.oz)
Sanchis Mira Turron Imperial con Almendras Calidad Suprema Sin Azucar Anadido (Almond Honey Crunch No Sugar Added Supreme Quality) No Cholesterol 200g (7oz)
Sanchis Mira Turron Chocolate con Almendras (Chocolate Almonds Nougat) 200g
Sanchis Mira Polvoron Artesano de Almendra (Spanish Almonds Sweet) Calidad Extra 400g
Turron Jijona SANCHIS MIRA Etiqueta Negra Calidad Suprema 200 grs (7oz.)
Turron de Yema Tostada SANCHIS MIRA Etiqueta Negra Calidad Suprema 200 grs. (7oz.)
Turron Alicante al Chocolate SANCHIS MIRA 200 grs. (7 oz.)
Turron de Fruta SANCHIS MIRA 200 grs. (7oz.)
Turron de Yema SANCHIS MIRA 200 grs. (7oz.)
Turron de Mazapan SANCHIS MIRA 200 grs. (7oz.)
Alicante Torta Imperial SANCHIS MIRA 200 grs. (7oz.)
Turron Mazapan Nueces con Chocolate (Walnut Chocolate Marzipan) SANCHIS MIRA 200 grs. (7oz.)
Figuritas Mazapan SANCHIS MIRA 200 grs. (7 oz.)
Turron de Coco SANCHIS MIRA 200 grs. (7 oz.)
SANCHIS MIRA Membrillo Calidad Primera 14 oz
Turron de Alicante SANCHIS MIRA, Etiqueta Negra, Calidad Suprema 200 grs. (7oz.)
Sanchis Mira Almendras Rellenas Product Spain NET WT 5.3oz
Sanchis Mira Barquillos Rellenos de Chocolate (Wafer Sticks Filled with Chocolate) Approximately 32 units 200g
Sanchis Mira Suave Turron Mousse de Chocolate al Cointreau (Chocolate Cointreau Mousse) Box 7 oz


Turron de Alicante
Turron de Jijona
Turron de Yema | Turron Yema Tostada
Sugarless Turrones
Tortas de Turron
Turron Sanchis Mira
Turron 1880
Turron Castillo de Jijona
Turron El Antiguo
Turron El Almendro
Turron El Artesano

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Turron Sanchis Mira