How To Store A Spanish Ham 24

How To Properly Store A Spanish Ham

Properly storing bone-in spanish hams for later use is crucial in maintaining it's premium quality and taste. First of, be sure to keep the stored jamon in a well ventilated and cool area. Do not refrigerate. You can leave it in the jamonera or hanging, as typically done in Spain's many jamonerias.

Be sure the jamon is carefully covered. You can use plastic wrap, a clean kitchen towel or, as recommended in How to Carve A Spanish Ham, with the initial top cut of the jamon. The covering of the ham is important for a couple of reasons. It will protect the spanish ham from dust and insects but more importantly it will keep the ham fresh and flavorful for your next slicing. A good tip is to rub olive oil on the exposed area of the ham before covering. The olive oil will help the ham stay moist and avoid it from drying out.

In between carvings, you will most likely find some mold on the outside of the jamon. Don't worry, it's completely harmless and can be easily removed by scrubbing it away with a wet cloth.

Following the steps above should allow you to enjoy your favorite jamon serrano or jamon iberico de bellota fresh numerous times over the course of a few months.

Tip: Unlike the bone-in jamon, the boneless jamon and vacuum packed jamon slices should be kept refrigerated. Regardless of bone-in, boneless or vacuum sealed, jamon should be served at room temperature to fully appreciate it's unbelievable flavors.

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