About Amigofoods & the Garcia Family

Amigofoods can be traced back to Havana, Cuba circa 1912.

It all began with my great grand uncle, Amador Garcia who had immigrated from Spain to Havana in order to start a food distribution business.

After a few years of hard work he decided he needed some assistance. He invited my grandfather, Jesus Garcia Sr., to join him. Although only fourteen years old, Jesus accepted the offer and in a short time helped his uncle grow the business to one of the largest food merchants on the island.

In 1936, Amador decided it was time to retire and return to Spain, but Jesus continued to expand the business, then known as J. Garcia & Company. He set up agencies in all of the major cities in Cuba and the company was thriving. J. Garcia & Co. had annual sales in excess of 15 million dollars. But that soon came to an end. The communist regime came in to power and all private ownership and free enterprise were abolished. The Garcia family was forced to move.

The United States of America was (and still is) the land of opportunity, and in 1960 the Garcia family settled in New York. My father, Jesus Garcia Jr. was then 19 years old. He had worked for a short time at an import/export firm when he decided to continue the Garcia tradition. He opened a small food distribution business and like his father before him named it J. Garcia & Company. In 1975 he acquired the "Iberia" trademark, one of the oldest and well known brands within the Hispanic community.

Through years of hard work and dedication he built the business by catering to the various and distinct Hispanic groups within the country. Iberia foods grew to annual sales of over 50 million dollars and soon caught the attention of corporate America. In 1994 CPC International, a multi-national food corporation, bought Iberia Foods.

Today, a fourth generation of Garcias are proud to continue in the Latin food distribution business. From our headquarters in Miami, Amigofoods is the modern day version of J. Garcia & Company. By using 21st century technology and good old fashion hard work we are happy to serve your Latin food needs in a prompt, courteous and efficient manner. Our goal is to become your one and only source for all of your Latin food needs. We look forward to serving you.

Jorge Garcia