Turron El Antiguo 28

Discover the Authentic Taste of Spain with El Antiguo Turrón

Indulge in the centuries-old tradition of Spanish confectionery with El Antiguo Turrón.

Each piece of our premium turrón is a blend of select almonds, honey from the blossoming Spanish countryside, and egg whites, following time-honored recipes that date back to the Moorish occupation of Spain.

Whether you crave the classic Jijona turrón, renowned for its smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture, or the Alicante variety, celebrated for its delightful crunch, our collection caters to every palate. 

A Heritage of Flavor in Every Bite

Our El Antiguo Turrón is not just a treat; it's a testament to the artisanal craftsmanship and dedication of generations of turrón makers. 

Perfect for the holiday season, celebrations, or as a sophisticated gift, our turrón comes elegantly packaged, preserving its freshness and rich taste. 

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