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Salsa Lizano Reviews

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Salsa Lizano Reviews
The following Salsa Lizano reviews are actual reviews submitted to us by our loyal customers. We appreciate the feedback and will continue to add more reviews as they come in.

Lizano Sauce, June 28 Reviewer: Maria Sorg
The best beef marinade, also add to stews, and black beans.

Salsa Lizano, June 7 Reviewer: Mary Jo
I'm on my third order of this fabulous Salsa, bringing me one of the great tastes of Costa Rica. Fabulous for making the best tasting Casado on Earth! I've had to upgrade to the 12 pack and share with my friends after they taste the meal.

Lizano Salsa, April 3 Reviewer: Vicki Chasen
BEST Salza ever! Years ago my daughter and son-in-law brought back Lizano Salsa as a gift when they returned from a surfing vacation in Coasta Rica, saying it was a staple amongst the locals and especially tasty on chicken, red beans and rice. Lizano kicks it up a notch, transforming ordinary into extraordinary. I try to keep extra bottles on hand to give guests afterwards because once they've had a drop of it, they always ask for more. Everybody loves Lizano!

Lizano Salsa, March 6 Reviewer: Grape Whisper
We entertain a great deal in the wine world. One of our customer's had gone to Nicaragua for a visit where she came upon this product. She graced me with a small bottle of it and I was lost in mouth feel. WOW! This is the best thing to hit the palate since Pinot Noir! I LOVE it on eggs, burgers, fish, sour cream dip for veggies. Zesty, spicy and a unique Citrus finish. Not HOT.

Lizano Sauce, January 26 Reviewer: Jim Thimell
This stuff is the bomb! Goes great with with a lot of foods, yes gringo food too. Got a 12 pack to share with friends, cheaper than taking them to Costa Rica! Easy to order and got it quick!

Salsa Lizano - awesome! October 22 Reviewer: Janice
For anyone jonesing for their Salsa Lizano fix, don't hesitate to place an order with these guys! Great prices + fast shipping = one really happy customer.

Addictive, May 5 Reviewer: Ben
This stuff rocks. I cook it with fish, chicken, mix it with queso, mix it with chunky salsa, drizzle it over sauteed vegetables, and sometimes pour a little bit directly onto a tortilla chip. Speedy delivery, too. Lizano Salsa Amigo Foods FTW!

AWESOME, August 18 Reviewer: Roxanne
This is amazing sauce and there is nothing like it in the States....Also, thumbs up to Amigofoods for incredibly fast shipping...ordered yesterday UPS ground and it arrived today, seriously??? Thanks for the great product.

Good Sauce, May 17 Reviewer: Janet
We tried Lizano Sauce on our last trip to Costa Rica & have been looking (unsuccessfully) for it in local US stores, so was delighted to find your site to order half a dozen bottles.

Simply Awesome!, February 12 Reviewer: Krysunica
Once you try it with your favorite foods you wont be able to be without it. Salsa Lizano can be added to almost anything, it has a very unique flavor and truly intensifies the overall taste of food. I just can t be without it, thank goodness I found it here!

Great Cooking And Table Sauce, January 21 Reviewer: Vince S
My wife is a Costa Rican, and she introduced me to Salsa Lizano early in our 18-year marriage. Awesome! Best as a marinade, mixed in with ground beef for dishes like hamburgers or meat loaf, or added directly to dishes like chili. Moderately spicy, but not "hot". Distinct acid/vinegar flavor. Kinda like A-1 Steak Sauce, but not sweet, as thick, or as tart. Adds indescribable flavor that amplifies other flavors, without MSG. Wife came home with ONLY 2 bottles after last trip to the homeland - nice to know it s available at a reasonable price on this site!

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