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Jamón Ibérico

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Jamón Ibérico

Jamon Ibérico is without a doubt, Spain's finest ham and arguably the best in the world. Spain's famous Cinco Jotas brand of Iberico de Bellota only uses pure bred Iberian pigs to produce this Spanish delicacy.

The key to producing such a premium ham is twofold. First, the pigs are confined to a strict diet of aromatic herbs and as the name suggests, bellotas or acorns. And secondly, the pigs live a stress free life, roaming the vast and scenic pastures of Jabugo, Spain. Jabugo's special microclimate and vast pastures make it the perfect environment to rear pure Iberian pigs. Jabugo’s pastures are made up of far-stretching woodlands of holm and cork oaks, where aromatic herbs such as thyme and rosemary abound - the perfect compliment for their pigs’ diet. The end result is a jamon iberico with an unrivaled texture, lingering aroma and incomparable taste.

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Ultimate Guide to Spain's Jamón Ibérico

Did you know that Jamón Ibérico is 1 of the 4 aces of global gastronomy along with caviar, foie-gras and truffles? Or that Spain is the world’s largest consumer of ham? It isn’t actually all that surprising, considering that Spain is home to the renowned, the delectable, and the famous – Jamón Ibérico.

Real jamón iberico is so popular that in 2017 Spain raised and slaughtered 3.5 million more pigs than there are people in the country. This is to meet the growing international demand for Iberico ham.

The reason why the whole world wants a taste of Spain’s ham is that it is one of the most to-die-for Spanish foods. It is also one of the best hams in the word.
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