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Turron 1880

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Turron 1880

1880 Turron hails from the turron heartland of Jijona, Spain. 1880 Turron has been producing Spain's finest turrones since 1773. Using their years of experience and strict quality controls from start to finsih, 1880 Turron is the "Cadillac" of turrones. In fact, Turron 1880 uses the certified "Turronero Master" to oversee the entire turron making process to ensure nothing short of a true turron masterpiece.
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1880 Turrón Spain's Premium Turrón

Turron 1880 is the self proclaimed finest turrón in the world and frankly, who could argue?

If you have visited Spain during the holidays, or are of Spanish heritage or have Spanish friends, you no doubt...
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