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Turron 1880Latin Food Gift Baskets
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Turron 1880

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Turron 1880

Supreme Quality Turrones

Turron 1880

1880 Turron Freshly Imported from Spain

1880 Turron hails from the turron heartland of Jijona, Spain. 1880 Turron has been producing Spain's finest turrones since 1773. Using their years of experience and strict quality controls from start to finsih, 1880 Turron is the "Cadillac" of turrones. In fact, Turron 1880 uses the certified "Turronero Master" to oversee the entire turron making process to ensure nothing short of a true turron masterpiece.

1880 Turron | El Almendro | Sanchis Mira | Castillo de Jijona | El Antiguo

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Turron 1880 Categories

1880 Polvorones Artesanos De Almendra ( Almond Crumble Cake ) Net.Wt 300gr
1880 Bandeja De Dulces De Navidad ( Christmas Sweets Selection) Net.Wt 270 g
1880 Peladillas - Candied Marcona Almonds ( 3.5oz/100g)
1880 Bombones De Turron (Nougat Bonbons) Net.Wt 165g
1880 Piñones (Candy Coated Pine Nuts) 100g
1880 Torta Turron de Alicante 200g
1880 Turron Alicante 250g
1880 Turron Jijona 250 grs
1880 Turron Yema Tostada 250 grs
1880 Turron Tortitas de Alicante 120 g.
1880 Turron Almendras Rellenas 200g (7oz.)
1880 POLVORONES 200g (7oz.)
1880 Tortitas Turron de Chocolate (Milk Chocolate Almond Mini Rounds) 120 grs


Turron de Alicante
Turron de Jijona
Turron de Yema | Turron Yema Tostada
Sugarless Turrones
Tortas de Turron
Turron Sanchis Mira
Turron 1880
Turron Castillo de Jijona
Turron El Antiguo
Turron El Almendro
Turron El Artesano

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Turron 1880