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Turron El Almendro

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Turron El Almendro

Turron from Spain

El Almendro Turron

Freshly Imported from Spain
for the 2018/19 Christmas Season

Turron El Almendro was founded in 1883. Along with 1880 Turron and Sanchis Mira Turron, it is one of Spain's leading producers of turron nougat candy. It exports it's premium quality turrones to over 85 countries around the world. It's heart warming advertising slogan, "El Almendro, back home for Christmas" is legendary and well recognized throughout Spain.

1880 Turron | El Almendro | Sanchis Mira | Castillo de Jijona | El Antiguo

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Turron El Almendro Categories

El Almendro Turron Coco ( Coconut Turron ) Net. Wt 7.05 oz
El Almendro Turron Nata-Nuez ( Wal-Nut) Net.Wt 7.05 oz
EL ALMENDRO Torta Imperial 200 grs (7 oz.)
El Almendro Turron Yema Tostada (Marzipan Turron) Net Wt 200g
El Almendro Turron Fruta (Fruit Nougat) 200g
Turron Blando El Almendro 200 grs (7 oz.)
Turon Duro El Almendro 200 grs (7 oz.)
EL ALMENDRO Torta Imperial SIN AZUCAR 200 grs (7 oz.)


Turron de Alicante
Turron de Jijona
Turron de Yema | Turron Yema Tostada
Sugarless Turrones
Tortas de Turron
Turron Sanchis Mira
Turron 1880
Turron Castillo de Jijona
Turron El Antiguo
Turron El Almendro
Turron El Artesano

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Turron El Almendro