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Inca's Food Aderezo Seco a la Norteña Net Wt 15 oz

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It is very easy to prepare a delicious "Peruvian beef stew of the north" with the help of our Inca's Food seasoning, whose combination of ingredients deliver that unique "Peruvian flavor".
How to prepare the "Peruvian beef stew from the north"?
  1. Take 1 piece of meat (600g) and cut it into 4 large pieces, marinade the meat overnight with 2 tablespoons of dressing.
  2. The next day, in a pot add a tablespoon of oil, when oil is heated add the meat and cover the pot and cook at low heat and let the meat sweat to release its own juice. Add 2 more tablespoons of dressing, plus 1 cup of water and let simmer until the meat is soft.
Depending on the meat, this step can take from 50 to 90 minutes.
Keep an eye out so that it is not overcooked. If you want more juice, add more dressing. Additional we can serve it with rice, boiled yucca, beans and/ or salad.
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Inca's Food Aderezo Seco a la Norteña Net Wt 15 oz

$7.99 USD

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