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Cola Cao Original Chocolate Drink Mix 390 grs

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Discover the Rich Taste of Spain with Cola Cao Chocolate Drink Mix

A Spanish Tradition in Every Sip

Enjoy the luxurious and authentic flavor of Cola Cao Original Chocolate Drink Mix, a beloved Spanish tradition since 1946.

This premium cocoa powder mix is crafted with the finest natural cacao, sourced directly from Spain, to bring you an unparalleled chocolate experience.

Made with Natural Cacao - Pure and Simple

  • Natural Ingredients: Enjoy the purity of natural cacao with no additives. Cola Cao is committed to delivering a chocolate drink mix that's as wholesome as it is delicious.
  • No Additives: Experience the rich, full-bodied taste of chocolate without any artificial ingredients. It's all about the natural goodness of cacao.

Cola Cao Is Versatile and Delicious

  • Hot or Cold: Whether you prefer your chocolate drink warm and comforting or chilled and refreshing, Cola Cao caters to your every mood. Mix it with either hot or cold milk for a perfect drink every time.
  • Dairy or Plant-Based Milk: Suitable for everyone's taste and dietary preferences. Enjoy this delightful Spanish chocolate mix with your choice of dairy or plant-based milk.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Good Source of Vitamin D: Not only is Cola Cao a treat for your taste buds, but it's also fortified with vitamin D, supporting your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Approximately 27 Servings: Each 390 gr package offers about 27 servings, making it a perfect family-friendly kitchen staple.

Cola Cao Is Easy to Prepare

Simply stir the Cola Cao Original Chocolate Drink Mix into your milk of choice and enjoy a smooth, rich, and velvety chocolate drink. It's that easy to bring a taste of Spain into your home.

Spain's #1 Since 1946

Join millions of satisfied customers who have made Cola Cao their preferred cocoa powder mix. With its deep roots in Spanish culture and commitment to quality, it's no wonder Cola Cao has been Spain's number one choice for over 75 years.

Imported from Spain - Authentic and Genuine

When you choose Cola Cao, you're not just getting a chocolate drink mix; you're experiencing a piece of Spanish heritage. Imported directly from Spain, each sip offers an authentic taste of Spanish tradition.

Order Cola Cao Now and Savor the Tradition

Don't miss out on this delicious Spanish national tradition. Order your Cola Cao Original Chocolate Drink Mix today and enjoy a chocolate drink that's rich in flavor and history.

Whether you're starting your day or looking for a comforting treat, Cola Cao is the perfect choice.

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Cola Cao Original Chocolate Drink Mix 390 grs

$6.49 USD

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