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Celusal Barbecue Iodized Salt Shaker 35 oz

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Discover the Authentic Taste of Argentina with Celusal Barbecue

Iodized Salt Shaker 35 oz

Elevate your grilling experience with Celusal Barbecue Salt, a staple in Argentine kitchens, now available in a convenient 35 oz shaker. Perfect for both amateur cooks and seasoned grill masters, Celusal brings the essence of Argentine barbecues to your meals.

What is Celusal Barbecue Salt?

  • Product Type: Iodized salt specifically designed for barbecue and grilling.
  • Size: Comes in a practical 35 oz shaker.
  • Origin: Proudly produced in Argentina, embodying the traditional Argentine barbecue flavor.
  • Features: Salt with iodine, ensuring a uniform spread and optimal flavor enhancement.

Why Choose Celusal Barbecue Salt?

  • Enhanced Flavor: Specifically blended to enhance the natural flavors of meats, vegetables, and other grilled dishes.
  • Health Benefits: Iodized to support thyroid health, making it a healthier choice compared to regular salts.
  • Ease of Use: The shaker bottle allows for easy, controlled dispensing, which means no more clumping or uneven seasoning.
  • Versatility: Ideal for all types of foods besides barbecue, including baking and everyday cooking.

How to Use Celusal Barbecue Salt?

  • For Grilling: Simply sprinkle over meat, poultry, or vegetables before grilling to infuse with traditional Argentine flavor.
  • In Cooking: Use it to season soups, stews, sauces and sprinkled on focaccia to enhance depth and taste.
  • Daily Cooking: An excellent substitute for table salt, adding a refined touch to any dish.

Experience the Authentic Argentine Flavor

Celusal Barbecue Salt is not just a seasoning; it's an experience. Whether you're looking to impress at your next barbecue or simply spice up your daily meals, Celusal brings the zest and zeal of Argentine traditions right to your kitchen. Try it today and transform your cooking into a culinary adventure!

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Celusal Barbecue Iodized Salt Shaker 35 oz

$4.69 USD

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