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Bauducco MINI Panettone Con Frutas 80g/2.82 oz

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Product description

Experience the joy of Brazil's festive season with Bauducco's Mini Panettone.

A beloved treat cherished by generations, this compact version of the classic Brazilian holiday cake brings the vibrant soul of Brazil into each bite.

Key Features:

  1. Authentic Brazilian Flair: This mini panettone is infused with the unique flavors and traditions of Brazil, combining plump raisins, candied fruits, and a soft, airy bread.

  2. Snack-sized Delight: The compact design makes it the ideal snack for any occasion - whether you're on a beach in Rio, on a journey through the Amazon, or simply relaxing at home.

  3. Bauducco Excellence: With a legacy of baking expertise, Bauducco guarantees an unrivaled product, ensuring that every mini panettone is a piece of art.

  4. Versatility at Its Best: Beyond its snackable size, the Bauducco Mini Panettone serves as a base for various dessert creations, from tropical trifle layers to toasted delights.

Serving Suggestion:

Enhance the tropical Brazilian vibes by serving the mini panettone slightly warmed, accompanied by a cup of traditional Brazilian coffee or a splash of cachaça.

About Bauducco:

Rooted in Brazil, Bauducco has been warming hearts with its extensive array of baked goods for decades.

Their panettones, a staple during Brazilian festivities, resonate with the rhythm, warmth, and spirit of the country, making every occasion special.

Dive into the heart of Brazil's celebratory Christmas spirit with Bauducco's Mini Panettone.

A taste that dances on your palate, it's more than just a treat—it's a tradition!

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Bauducco MINI Panettone Con Frutas 80g/2.82 oz

$3.99 USD
$3.59 USD

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