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Lizano Salsa 24 oz. 3-Pack

Lizano Salsa 24 oz. 3-Pack

Item# SalsaLizano3Pack

Lizano Salsa
Fresh from Costa Rica
Pura Vida

Lizano SalsaLizano Salsa is The Culinary Pride Of Costa Rica and rightfully so. Lizano Salsa is regularly used as a staple ingredient in Costa Rican restaurants. It has an addicting flavor which is making it a popular sauce here in the USA as well. Buy More, Save More!

Lizano Salsa Is Commonly Added to;

  • Drizzle On Eggs & Burgers
  • Marinatine Steaks, Chicken & Fish
  • Prepare Gallo Pinto & Tamales
  • Need a Lizano Salsa Recipe?

    "Lizano Salsa brings every other condiment to it's knees. Instead of steak sauce, ketchup and the rest, Lizano Salsa is the best! Haha, I rhymed. I can't live or eat without Lizano Salsa!"
    Jesse Fishkill, NY

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