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Inca Kola 12 Pack 12 oz. CansLatin Food Gift Baskets
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Inca Kola 12 Pack 12 oz. Cans

Inca Kola 12 Pack 12 oz. Cans
Item #PU015
Regular price:$12.99
SALE PRICE:$12.49, 2 for $23.99

Inca Kola

Peru's Golden Kola

Inca Kola soda is the national soft drink of Peru. It's yellowish color and bubble gum taste is unique among sodas. It's popularity continues to grow around the world including here in the USA.

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"First thing I buy when I vist Peru is a bottle of cold Inca Kola. I love it! Now I don't have to wait till I go to Peru to get some.Thank you Amigofoods."
- Richard

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INCA KOLA 2 liter
DIET Inca Kola 12-Pack 12 oz.
Inca Kola 12 Pack 12 oz. Cans

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Inca Kola 12 Pack 12 oz. Cans