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Tetilla (Galicia) Queso app. 1 kilo (app. 2.2 lbs.)Latin Food Gift Baskets
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Tetilla (Galicia) Queso app. 1 kilo (app. 2.2 lbs.)

Tetilla (Galicia) Queso app. 1 kilo (app. 2.2 lbs.)
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Tetilla. The word "tetilla" (meaning nipple) clearly defines the traditional shape of this cheese, that is, a flattened pear-shaped cone with a small nipple on the top. This is the most characteristic cheese from Galicia, easily recognized by its shape and smooth, fine, yellow straw-colored rind.

The soft paste, thick and smooth with few air pockets, is very creamy on the palate. The flavor is clean and smooth. This cheese can be eaten at any time during the day. It is also suitable for cooking, especially as stuffing and in recipes calling for coating as it melts easily with heat. It is the most popular traditional cheese in Galicia, although it is also known and appreciated in the rest of Spain.

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Tetilla (Galicia) Queso app. 1 kilo (app. 2.2 lbs.)