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P.A.N. Harina de Maiz Dulce 500 grs.

P.A.N. Harina de Maiz Dulce 500 grs.

Item# CO06211

Harina P.A.N.

Mezcla Maiz Dulce

Harina PAN de Maiz Dulce is a sweet corn mix, of superb taste and quality used to prepare typical sweet corn recipes easily and economically at home.

Harina PAN allows the preparation of typical Latin dishes such as arepas de chócolo from Colombia, cachapas from Venezuela, pan de maíz dulce, croquetas de maíz dulce, tamales dulces, tortillas, mantecadas, pastels de maíz, chorreadas from Costa Rica, riguas from El Salvador, tortillas de maíz crudo from Honduras, and many others.

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