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Goya Rice & Black Beans ( Seasoned ) Net.Wt 7 oz

Goya Rice & Black Beans ( Seasoned ) Net.Wt 7 oz

Item# PR47778
Now, instead of plain rixe or potatoes, you can please everyoner with something that is both spectacular and special: Goya rice & black beans. You make it in only 30 minutes and turn out with a superb, authentic tastes.... with fluffy long grain rice and firm rich black beans, red and green peppers, and our own secret spices. Why not surprise your family toningt with Goya Rice & Black Beans ! Some Great goya Ideas For Dinner : Goya Rixe & Black Beans goes perfect with your favorite steak dinner. Serve it alongside a mixed salad of tomatoes, lettuce and onions to complete this mounth-watering meal.
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