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Colombina Snow Mint 100 Units Net.Wt 14.1 oz Latin Food Gift Baskets
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Colombina Snow Mint 100 Units Net.Wt 14.1 oz

Colombina Snow Mint 100 Units Net.Wt 14.1 oz
Item #CO7702011
Regular price:$6.99

Colombina Snow Mints

Colombian Chewy Mint Candy

Buy Colombina Snow Mint CandyDelicious Colombina snow mints are chewy with a light mint flavor. They are a great treat as a snack, before and after having a meal. Order today!

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Colombina Snow Mint 100 Units Net.Wt 14.1 oz
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SUPERCOCO Turron Con Mucho Coco 250 grs (50 unidades)
DIANA Chocolate de Colombia con Clavos Y Canela 500 grs
Frunas Candy (Caramelo Blando Masticable Sabor A Frutas) 16.5 oz (32 unidades)
COLOMBINA Caramelo De Cafe 14.5 oz (100 pieces)
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COLOMBINA Bon Bon Bum Chupetines Sabor A Fresa 17 oz.
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CORONA Chocolate Dulce Colombiano 500 grs.
COLOMBINA Bon Bon Bum Chupeta Rellena de Chicle Sabor a Lulo 17.8 oz.
COLOMBINA Coffee Delight Caramelo Blando relleno con sabor a Cafe 15.2 oz.
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Beso de Negra NESTLE (6 unidades)
Colombina Coffee Delight Caramelo Blando de Cafe (Chewy Candy) 100 pieces 430g

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Colombina Snow Mint 100 Units Net.Wt 14.1 oz