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Palacios Chorizo Tradicional 7.9 oz

Palacios Chorizo Tradicional 7.9 oz

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Palacios Chorizo

Buy Traditional Spanish Sausage

Palacios Chorizo is made in Spain. These traditional spanish sausages are sweet and seasoned with paprika, salt and garlic. These pork sausages are one of Spain's most famous "tapas" (appetizers). Palacios ChorizoThey are often sliced on bread and served with manchego cheese. Fully dry-cured and ready to eat. 100% Natural, No Additives.

Palacios Chorizos are manufactured by a family owned company, dedicated to and specializing in making top-grade chorizos. Combining an old recipe (a family secret) with the most modern technology, their company, based in the Rioja area, famous for its splendid wines - is nowadays the leader of the chorizo market in Spain.

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