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Arisco Tempero Alho e Sal (Garlic and Salt Seasoning) 300gLatin Food Gift Baskets
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Arisco Tempero Alho e Sal (Garlic and Salt Seasoning) 300g

Arisco Tempero Alho e Sal (Garlic and Salt Seasoning) 300g
Item #arisco-tempero-alho-sal-garlic-salt
Regular price:$4.99

Replace the salt for the same amount of product. Use 1 teaspoon of product to spice 1 cup (tea ) of rice or a pound of beef, chicken, fish , vegetables or vegetables .

Important : Do not add salt, as this product already contains . Keep out of the refrigerator .

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Arisco Tempero Alho e Sal (Garlic and Salt Seasoning) 300g