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Aji Amarillo Paste 8 oz. BELMONTLatin Food Gift Baskets
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Aji Amarillo Paste 8 oz. BELMONT

Aji Amarillo Paste 8 oz. BELMONT
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Peru's Pasta de Aji Amarillo

Aji Amarillo Paste is Peru's Famous Yellow Pepper Paste. It is used in many traditional Peruvian dishes. Pasta Aji Amarillo is widely regarded as the most important ingredient in Peruvian cooking. Great Aji Amarillo Recipe!
Aji Amarillo Paste
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"Exactly what I was looking for. I’m a chef and needed aji amarillo paste. Very happy with the quality."
- T. Owens

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Arezzo Aji Especial de la Casa Net.Wt 200gr
Doña Isabel Aji Amarillo Entero (Yellow Hot Whole Pepper in Brine) 425g
Aji Amarillo Pasta 16 oz. BELMONT
Amarillin SIBARITA Salsa de Aji Amarillo Sin Picante 26 grs
Aji Amarillo Frozen BELMONT 4 - 16 oz. Bags (4 lbs. total)
Aji Amarillo Sauce DONA ISABEL/PERU CHEF 10.9 oz
Aji Amarillo Paste 8 oz. BELMONT
Aji Amarillo Entero 20 oz.
A LA CENA Salsa de Aji Amarillo Picante 3.4 oz
Aji Amarillo con Huacatay Salsa ORIUNDO/PERUCHEF 230 g (8 oz.)
Inca's Food Aji Amarillo Entero Lata (Yellow Hot Pepper Whole in Brine ) 20 oz.
Sibarita Amarillin (Sin Picante) Salsa de Aji Net Wt. 8.82 oz
The Peru Chef Pasta de Aji Amarillo - Yellow Hot Pepper Paste 8oz
Inca's Food Aji Amarillo Yellow Hot Pepper Paste 15.7 oz
Inca's Food Aji Amarillo Molido Especial Yellow Pepper Paste 15oz
Dona Isabel Aji Amarillo Yellow Hot Pepper Paste 15.7oz
Dona Isabel Aji Amarillo Pasta (Yellow Hot Pepper Paste) 7.5oz

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Aji Amarillo Paste 8 oz. BELMONT