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DR. SELBY Crema Curativa 1.4 oz.Latin Food Gift Baskets
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DR. SELBY Crema Curativa 1.4 oz.

DR. SELBY Crema Curativa 1.4 oz.
Item #U6643
Regular price:$15.99
SALE PRICE:$13.99, 2 for $24.99

Dr. Selby

Uruguay's Cure All Ointment

Buy Dr Selby Crema OnlineDr. Selby Cream Shipped To Your Home Or Office. Easy Online Ordering and Quick Delivery!

Dr. Selby is a famous cure all ointment from Uruguay. Used as a curative for diaper rash or as a skin protectant, Dr Selby can be used in many different ways. In Stock & Ready To Ship From Miami. Freshness Guaranteed!

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DR. SELBY Crema Curativa 1.4 oz.