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Latin Food Gift Baskets
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Latin Food Store

Latin America's Finest Coffees In The USA!
Order fine Latin American coffees delivered straight to your home or office. Select from a wide assortment of Latin America's top brands.
Latin Coffee | Cafe Latino

Order Latin American Foods & Drinks Online

Amigofoods is an online grocery store offering the freshest imported foods & drinks from all over Latin America and Spain. We are the Garcia family, a third generation food business delivering all of your favorites right to your door step.

February 2016 Specials - Click On Item To View Deeper Discounts

Cafe Pilao 17.6 oz <br>(500 grs)
Pilao Coffee
Brazilian Very Finely Ground Coffee
Frunas Candy (Caramelo Blando Masticable Sabor A Frutas) 16.5 oz (32 unidades)
Frunas, Famous Colombian Chewable Candies
Assorted Fruit Flavors
GAROTO Bonbons Sortidos 12.5 oz .
These Delicious Assorted Brazilian Bon Bons Chocolates Have Been A Garoto Bestseller Since 1954.
ROSAMONTE Especial Yerba Mate 1kg / 2.2lb
Premium Special Selection Argentine Blend with Stems. Strong Yerba Mate with a deep smoky flavor.
Alfajores HAVANNA Chocolate 330 grs. 6 unidades
Havanna Chocolate Alfajores. Six Alfajores per box.
Jamon Serrano Bone In Monte Nevado 16 lbs. - 18 lbs.
Monte Nevado vintage serrano hams are cured 20 months, producing a flavorful finished jamon serrano.

February 2016 New Items

Badia Sazon Completa (Complete Seasoning  Family Size) 1.75 LBS
Nestle Farinha Lactea Flour 400g
Gomets Frutas Surtidas Balas de Gomas (Assorted Fruit Flavored Jelly Rolls) Package Containing 30 units of 32 grs each
Ortiz Bonito del Norte en Aceite de Oliva (White Tuna in Olive Oil) 400g
Sibarita Sazonador Verdecito Seasoning Spices and Cilantro (1.76 Oz) 50g
Covap Jamon Iberico Puro de Bellota  (Dry-Cured Acorn-fed) Iberico Pork Ham 3 Oz
Normandy Panelitas de Leche con Cafe (Milk Caramel Candies with Coffee) 10 units 18g each- Net Wt 6.3oz
Jet Wafer Galletas Wafer con Sabores Surtidos Recubierta con Chocolate ()Wafer Cookies Assorted Flavors Covered with Chocolate) Contains 20 units 22g each Artificial Flavor
Nestle Savoy Carre Chocolate con Leche y Avellanas (Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts) Net Wt 3.53oz (100g)
Nestle Savoy Carre Chocolate con Leche (Milk Chocolate with Almonds ) Net Wt 3.53 oz (100g)
Nestle Savoy Chocolate con Leche (Milk Chocolate) NET WT 4.58oz (130g)
Nestle Savoy Cricri (Milk Chocolate with Crisped Rice) NET WT  4.33oz (123g)
Del Valle Cider Manufactured in Argentina 24oz
Dona Jimena Trufas de Naranja (Orange Truffles) Net Wt 6.2oz
Dona jimena Bombones de Cereza al Licor (Cherry Liquor Bonbons) 80g
La Costena Refried Black Beans NET WT 20.5oz (580g)
$9.99, 6 for $48.00
Nestle Media Crema (Table Cream) Net Wt 7.6oz
Dona Maria Mole (Mexican Condiment ) 8 Servings - Net WT 8.25oz (233g)
Harina Maseca Masa Instantanea de Maiz (Instant Corn Masa Flour) 2k
El Almendro Turron Fruta (Fruit Nougat) 200g
Regular price: $6.99
SALE PRICE: $6.99, 2 for $13.00
Regular price: $9.99
SALE PRICE: $9.59, 2 for $18.00
Lheritier Turron de Mani Miel (Peanut Nougat with Honey) 8.8oz (250g)
Lheritier Turron de Mani con Frutas (Peanut Nougat with Fruit ) 3.53oz (100g)
Lheritier Turron de Mani y Yema (Peanut Nougat with Egg) 3.53oz (100G)
Medisana Emoliente Clasico Containing 20 Tea Bag 30g each
$3.99, 2 for $7.00
Wawasana Te Verde y Limon  Containing 20 Tea bags 30g each
La Estepeņa Hojaldrada de Naranja (bolsa) 400g
La Estepeņa Bolitas de Coco Recubierta de Chocolate 180g
La Estepeņa Surtido de Chocolates y Bombones (Assortment Chocolates) 310g
Rovira Export Sodas Fancy Crackers 21oz  (595.4 g)
Yoki Pao de Queijo Box (Cheese Bread Mix) 250g
El Antiguo Calidad Suprema Turron Mazapan Fruta (Marzipan Fruit Nougat) 200g
Luengo Lentejas Espaņolas de Leon (Green Castellana Lentils) 17.6oz (500g)
Regular price: $8.99
SALE PRICE: $8.59, 2 for $16.00

Currently Out Of Stock

Regular price: $3.99
SALE PRICE: $3.99, 2 for $7.00
Dona Jimena Trocitos de Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding Pralines) NET WT 6.3oz (180g)
Dona Jimena Trocitos de Fresa con Nata (Strawberry & Cream Praniles) NET WEIGHT 6.3oz (180g
Piraque Maizena Biscoito Doce 200g

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Top Selling Products

Aji Amarillo Paste 8 oz. BELMONT

Regular price: $3.99

Cafe Pilao 17.6 oz
(500 grs)

Regular price: $11.99
SALE PRICE: $9.59, 2 for $18.00, 6 for $50.99

CRUZ DE MALTA Yerba Mate 1 kg.

Regular price: $16.99
SALE PRICE: $15.99, 2 for $30.99

Jamon Serrano Bone In Monte Nevado 16 lbs. - 18 lbs.

Regular price: $299.99
SALE PRICE: $284.99

Havanna Alfajor 6 Mixtos Alfajores 306 grs

Regular price: $21.95
SALE PRICE: $19.95

Pao de Queijo Mistura ( Brazilian Chees Bread MIx ) Yoki 250 grs.

Regular price: $5.99
SALE PRICE: $4.99, 6 for $24.00

SANTO DOMINGO COFFEE Cafe Molido 1 lb. Dominican Ground Coffee

Regular price: $8.99

KISKA Guascas 10 grms.

Regular price: $3.79
SALE PRICE: $3.59, 4 for $13.00