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Latin Soda
Summer Sale

Drink up your favorite Latin American Sodas this spring. Choose from our large selection; Inca Kola, Guarana Antarctica, Postobon, Materva, Iron Beer, Old Colony, Kola Inglesa and much more!

Latin Sodas

Order Latin American Foods & Drinks Online | Compra Comida Latina

Amigofoods is the largest online grocery store offering a wide variety of hard to find freshly imported foods and drinks from all over Latin America and Spain. Simply place your order online or call us and we will quickly and carefully ship your order.
Buen Provecho!

August 2017 Specials - Click On Item To View Deeper Discounts

Aji Amarillo Paste 8 oz. BELMONT
Aji Amarillo Paste, Peruvian Yellow Pepper Paste
Palacios Chorizo Tradicional 7.9 oz
Authentic Spanish Chorizo - Mild
Enjoy Spain's finest sweet smoked sausages seasoned with paprika.
SANTO DOMINGO COFFEE Cafe Molido 1 lb. Dominican Ground Coffee
Santo Domingo Dominican Ground Coffee
On Sale Today!
Guarana Antarctica 12 Pack 12 oz.
Guarana Antarctica is Brazil's Favorite Soda 12 Pack 12 oz cans. An exotic soft drink made from selected Guarana fruits found in the Amazon forest.
Pisco Sour Mix Traditional Wasska 125 grs.
Pisco Sour Traditional Flavor Mix, made with Peruvian Lime. Makes 6 Servings.
Lizano Salsa 24 oz. 3-Pack
Lizano Salsa Is The Pride Of Costa Rica. Lizano Salsa Makes Is A Sweet & Spicy Sauce That Makes Everything Taste Better
ROSAMONTE Especial Yerba Mate 1kg / 2.2lb
Premium Special Selection Argentine Blend with Stems. Strong Yerba Mate with a deep smoky flavor.
Colombina Coffee Delight Caramelo Blando de Cafe (Chewy Candy) 100 pieces 430g
Coffee delight soft chewy coffee candies
GAUCHO RANCH Chimichurri 14 oz.
Gaucho Ranch chimichurri is an exquisite blend of garlic, parsley, vinegar, vegetable oil and spices. A perfect marinade for steaks, poultry or fish.
Pao de Queijo Mistura ( Brazilian Cheese Bread MIx ) Yoki 250 grs.
Pao de Queijo Mix, or Brazilian Cheese Bread Mix. Easy To Make!

August 2017 New Items

San Fransisco Refried Black Beans (Frijoles Negros Refritos) Net. Wt 800gr
La Colina Aji Picante Net.Wt 275g
Colombina La constancia Guava Dessert Net.Wt 21.1 oz
Cafe Santo Domingo Expresso (Ground Coffee) Net.Wt 10 oz
Conchita Guava Paste 11 oz
Espuna Jamon Serrano sin Hueso (Boneless Serrano Ham) 10-12 lbs
Universal Helado Sabor Lucuma (Lucuma Ice Cream with Stevia) Net.Wt 1.7 oz
Colombina Snow Mint 100 Units Net.Wt 14.1 oz
Sweet tamarind ( Tamarindo Dulce) Net. Wt 8oz
Dulzura Borincana Coconut Guava Snacks Net.Wt 3.4 oz
Dulces Del Valle Bocadillo De Guayaba 24 unid. Net.Wt 8.4 oz
Dulces del Valle Panelitas de leche 24 unid. Net Wt. 11.85 oz
Dulces Del Valle Cortaditos de leche 24 Unid. Net.Wt 9.31oz
Goya Picadillo Seasoning Mix Net.Wt 1.25 oz
Dulzura Borincana Mango Fruit Paste Net.wt 4.64 oz
Tango Lumilagro 1 Litro Compacto Tapon Para Mate o Cafe
Regular price: $22.99
SALE PRICE: $19.99
Huancaina Salsa Provenzal 2.2 oz.
Espuna Tapas Essentials All Natural Fuet Bites Net.Wt 3.0 oz
Rovira Export Sodas Classic Crackers Net.Wt 21 oz plastic container
Sibarita Panquita Aji Panca Especial Molido Net.Wt 8.82oz
Regular price: $5.19
SALE PRICE: $4.79, 4 for $18.99
Regular price: $7.99
SALE PRICE: $7.59, 2 for $14.00
Goyescas Concentrated Malt Extract ( Extracto de malta concentrado) Net.Wt 8 oz
Goya Stuffed Olives Blue Cheese Net.Wt 148.8g
Valles Andinos Chochos Lupini Beans Net. Wt 14 oz
Cepera Palm Oil (Aceite de Dende) Net. Wt 100 ML
Regular price: $5.99
SALE PRICE: $5.79, 4 for $22.00
$3.79, 4 for $13.00
LA VIRGINIA Cafe Tostado y Molido Net. Wt 500g
Goya Banana Nectar Net.Wt 9.6 oz
Goya Straberry Banana Nectar Net.Wt 9.6 oz
Dulzura Borincana Dulce de Leche Snacks Net.Wt 4 oz
$12.59, 2 for $24.00
$1.29, 6 for $6.00
$1.29, 6 for $6.00
Ambrosoli Caramelos Gajos De Limon Net.Wt 390g
Nutry Tremocos Lupin Beans Net.Wt 1500G
Cafe Aguila Roja Calidad Certificada 250g
Alicante Comino Molido Net.Wt 25g
$13.99, 2 for $26.00
Regular price: $9.99
SALE PRICE: $8.59, 2 for $16.00, 4 for $31.00
Espuna Tapas Essentials (Chorizo Casero) Net.Wt 5oz
Espuna Tapas Essentials ( Chorizon Pamlona ) Net. Wt 26 oz
Tapas de Espuna Chorizo Bites Net. Wt  3 oz
Fabes De Asturias ( Tierrina Vaqueira) Net. Wt 1kg
Regular price: $5.99
SALE PRICE: $5.59, 2 for $10.00
Regular price: $32.99
SALE PRICE: $29.99
Regular price: $6.99
SALE PRICE: $6.59, 2 for $12.00
Regular price: $44.99
SALE PRICE: $39.99
Erva Mate Chimarrao Gaucho 500g
Mellizas - Galletitas Bagley 336 Grams
LA BASTILLA SUAVE Cafe Colombiano 550 grs.
Arezzo Especial de la casa Net.Wt 200gr
Regular price: $16.99
SALE PRICE: $16.59, 2 for $32.00
Juan Valdez Premium Selection Colina Balanceado Net.Wt 250gr
Juan Valdez Premium Selection Cumbre fuerte Net.WT 250gr
Cachafaz Cookies All Natural with rolled oats almonds and peanuts Net.Wt  7.9oz
Goya Jumbo Calamar A la Marinera Estilo Pulpo Jumbo Squid in Pickled Sauce Net.Wt 113g
Regular price: $7.99
SALE PRICE: $6.99, 2 for $13.00
Doce De Leite Reserva de Minas Net.Wt 400g
Costa Galletas  Agua Line Net Wt.210 grs
Goya Jumbo Squid In Garlic Sauce ( Al Ajillo Picante) Estilo Pulpo Net Wt.4 oz
Brazoka Gostinho da Paraiba Tapioca (Massa Pronta) Net. Wt 500gr

Currently Out Of Stock

Country Club Merengue soda Wet.Nt 12 oz
Country club Frambuesa ( Raspberry soda) Net Wt.12 oz
Colombina Pinata mix Over 100 pieces Net Wt. 30 oz
$1.79, 2 for $3.00
$1.79, 2 for $3.00

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SANTO DOMINGO COFFEE Cafe Molido 1 lb. Dominican Ground Coffee

Regular price: $8.99

Havanna Alfajor 6 Mixtos Alfajores 306 grs


Aji Amarillo Paste 8 oz. BELMONT

Regular price: $3.99

Cafe Pilao 17.6 oz
(500 grs)

Regular price: $9.99
SALE PRICE: $8.99, 5 for $41.99

CRUZ DE MALTA Yerba Mate 1 kg.

Regular price: $13.99
SALE PRICE: $13.59, 2 for $26.00

Pao de Queijo Mistura ( Brazilian Cheese Bread MIx ) Yoki 250 grs.

Regular price: $4.99
SALE PRICE: $3.99, 3 for $9.99, 12 for $36.00

KISKA Guascas 10 grms.

Regular price: $4.99
SALE PRICE: $3.99, 2 for $7.00, 8 for $24.00

Jamon Serrano Bone In Monte Nevado 16 lbs. - 18 lbs.

Regular price: $299.99
SALE PRICE: $284.99