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Latin Food Gift Baskets
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Latin America's Finest Coffees In The USA!
Order fine Latin American coffees delivered straight to your home or office. Select from a wide assortment of Latin America's top brands.
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Order Latin American Foods & Drinks Online

Amigofoods is the largest online grocery store offering the most popular and hard to find imported foods and beverages from all over Latin America and Spain.

We are the Garcia family, a third generation food business delivering all of your favorites right to your door step.
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May 2016 New Items

Renata Mistura Bolo Chocolate (Chocolate Cake Flavor Mix) Ba 14.1oz
Del Sur Frijol Cargamento con Sofrito (Cranberry Beans with Tomato, Onion and Spices) Easy Open Can 15.1oz
Ortiz Bonito del Norte en Aceite de Oliva (White Tuna in Olive Oil) 400grs
Amanda Yerba Mate Elaborada con Palo (With Stems) 500g
Regular price: $1.79
SALE PRICE: $1.79, 4 for $5.00
Mr. Tango Chimichurro Picante (Spicy Chimichurri ) Plastic Jar 12oz
Aviacao Face Torrado e Moido (Brazilian Coffee) Bag 500 100% Arabica
Knorr Tempero Meu Arroz alho e cebola (Rice Seasoning Garlic and Onion) 40g
Knorr Tempero Meu Feijao Sabor Caseiro (Bean Seasoning) 40g
Pulpa de Tamarindo (Sweet Tamarind Pulp) Bag 12oz
Piraque Agua e Sal Biscoito (Water and Salt Crackers) 200g
Mr. Tango Chimichurri Argentinian Steak Sauce 12oz
Coqueiro Atum Solido em Oleo (Tuna Solid Pack in Oil) Easy Open Can 170g
Regular price: $3.99
SALE PRICE: $3.99, 2 for $7.00, 4 for $13.00
Predilecta Molho Tomate Parmegiana (Tomato Sauce Parmesan Style) Sachet 340g
Predilecta Molho Tomate Bolonhesa (Tomato Sauce Bolonesa Style) Sachet 340g
Bela Chef Tapioca Goma Hydrated of Manioc for Tapioca 410g
Hida Andalusian Gazpacho.Bottle
Carozzi Tortellini con Queso (Cheese Tortellini) Package 16oz
Carozzi Ziti Macaroni (Cut Ziti) Package 16oz
Carozzi Lasagna Traditional  Package 16oz
Carozzi Linguine Pasta Package 16oz
Regular price: $1.79
SALE PRICE: $1.79, 2 for $3.00
Regular price: $1.79
SALE PRICE: $1.79, 2 for $3.00
Carrozi Spaghetti (Spaghetti Paste) Package 16oz
Ibsa Crema de Verduras (Cream of Vegetables) Glass Jar 500g
Inca's Food Frijol Canario (Canary Beans Whole in Brine) 20oz
Costa Sabor Chocolate  (Chocolate Flavored Biscuits) 140g
Regular price: $1.79
SALE PRICE: $1.79, 2 for $3.00
Inca's  Food Rocoto Super Picante 7.5oz
Bagley Criollitas Galletitas 169g
Soprole Manjar Acaramelado (Chilean Milk Caramel )500g
Goya Diet Guanabana Soursop 86% Menos Calorias 9.6oz
Regular price: $16.99
SALE PRICE: $16.59, 2 for $32.00
$1.49, 8 for $10.00
Oro Verde Cocktail Picoteo 350g
Oro Verde Aceitunas Espanolas Rellenas de Almendra - Spanish Olives Stuffed with Almond
Oro Verde Aceitunas Rellenas de Limon- Spanish Olives Stuffed with Lemon 350g
Dafruta Concentrate Mango Prepium Quality - Contains 75% Juice 500ml
Regular price: $3.99
SALE PRICE: $3.79, 2 for $7.00, 4 for $12.00
$3.79, 2 for $7.00, 4 for $12.00
$3.79, 2 for $7.00, 4 for $12.00
La Gaita Sidra (Sparkling Apple Drink) NET 23 oz
Belmont Lucuma Powder (Harina de Lucuma) 350g
Belmont Jarabe de Yacon (Yacon Syrup) NET WT 10 oz
Goya Large Ripe Black Olives Pitted 6 oz
Regular price: $3.99
SALE PRICE: $2.89, 2 for $5.00
Solis Tomate Frito - Tomato Sauce 200g 3-pack
Malta India Light 6 pack 8 oz each can
Del Sur Cargamento Beans Frijoles Antioqueno  Cans580g
Pampa Organic Yerba Mate 500g
Regular price: $4.59
SALE PRICE: $3.99, 6 for $21.00
$2.59, 2 for $4.00, 10 for $15.00
Mayte Plantain Chips 3 oz
Mayte Plantains Chips Lemon - Platanitos con Sabor a Limon 3 oz
La Sopera Corn Cream - Crema de Mazorca 3 Portions 43.5g
Ambrosoli Chicha Mora Purple Corn Hard Candy 100 units 390g
Peru Chef Maca Powder - Maca en Polvo 200g
Inca's Food Aji Panca Paste 15.7oz
Inca's Food Aji Amarillo Yellow Hot Pepper Paste 15.7 oz
Mate Gourd Cup Printed Design Appx 3 inch high
Granja San Francisco Manzanilla con Miel 20 Tea Bags 26g
Provenzal Tiradito Al Aji Amarillo( Seasoning Mix For Yellow Hot Pepper) 42g
Cachafaz Dulce de Leche Jar 450g
Tirolez Queijo de Coalho em Espetos Brasilian Cheese Approximately 1 lb
Regular price: $14.99
SALE PRICE: $14.59, 2 for $28.00
Cerrado Goiano Azeite de Dende- Dende Oil  140ml
Gaucho Rach Dulce de Leche Dip (Milk Caramel Dip and Breadsticks) Package Contains 10 Packs Net Weight 1.3lbs
Mega Wafer Chocolate (Wafers Filled with Chocolate Cream Flavored ) Package 61g
Badia Sazon Completa (Complete Seasoning  Family Size) 1.75 LBS
Regular price: $23.99
SALE PRICE: $19.99
Nestle Farinha Lactea Flour 400g
Ortiz Bonito del Norte en Aceite de Oliva (White Tuna in Olive Oil) 270 grs
Sibarita Sazonador Verdecito Seasoning Spices and Cilantro (1.76 Oz) 50g
Covap Jamon Iberico Puro de Bellota  (Dry-Cured Acorn-fed) Iberico Pork Ham 3 Oz

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Top Selling Products

Havanna Alfajor 6 Mixtos Alfajores 306 grs


Pao de Queijo Mistura ( Brazilian Chees Bread MIx ) Yoki 250 grs.

Regular price: $5.99
SALE PRICE: $4.99, 6 for $24.00

SANTO DOMINGO COFFEE Cafe Molido 1 lb. Dominican Ground Coffee

Regular price: $8.99
SALE PRICE: $7.99, 16 for $119.99

Aji Amarillo Paste 8 oz. BELMONT

Regular price: $3.99

Cafe Pilao 17.6 oz
(500 grs)

Regular price: $10.99
SALE PRICE: $8.99, 10 for $76.99

CRUZ DE MALTA Yerba Mate 1 kg.

Regular price: $12.99
SALE PRICE: $10.99, 3 for $30.99

KISKA Guascas 10 grms.

Regular price: $4.99
SALE PRICE: $3.99, 2 for $7.00, 8 for $22.00

Jamon Serrano Bone In Monte Nevado 16 lbs. - 18 lbs.

Regular price: $299.99
SALE PRICE: $284.99