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ARCOR/ESNAOLA Dulce De Membrillo 700 grs.Latin Food Gift Baskets
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ARCOR/ESNAOLA Dulce De Membrillo 700 grs.

ARCOR/ESNAOLA Dulce De Membrillo 700 grs.
Item #AR011112
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SALE PRICE:$8.99, 2 for $17.00

Dulce de Membrillo

Buy Argentine Quince Paste

Dulce de Membrillo Dulce de Membrillo is Argentine quince paste. Dulce de membrillo is typically served with cheese and crackers as an appetizer or as a dessert. It's sweet and has a soft jelly like texture. Imported from Argentina.

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ARCOR/ESNAOLA Dulce De Membrillo 700 grs.