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VIGO Paella 8 oz.Latin Food Gift Baskets
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VIGO Paella 8 oz.

VIGO Paella 8 oz.
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Imagine being on a beach in Spain at dusk, as the fishing boats come in and the fishermen prepare to fix their traditional "Paella." They build a fire and place a "Paellera" (Paella Pan) over it. They then add olive oil, fine quality rice, their freshly caught fish, spices, and a pinch of saffron. Now you can make this delicious meal too, because Vigo makes it easy!

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Carmencita Paellero Marinera, Sazonador para Paella con Azafran (Paella Seasoning with Saffron) package weighing 12grs Contains 3 Sachets
Carmencita Paellero Valenciano Special Sazonador para Paella con Azafran (Paella Seasoning with Saffron) Package weighing 12grs Contains 3 Sachets
Carretilla Paella de Pescado y Mariscos (Fish x Seafood Paella) Microwaveable Tray 8.82 oz - 250g
Carretilla Ensalda de Pasta con Atun (Pasta Salad with Tuna) does not require refrigeration- Bowl 8.46oz (240g)
Goya Arroz Amarillo (Yellow Rice Spanish Style) Box 8oz
Outdoor Paella Set - Approximately 10 Serving (includes Standard Gas Burner, Polished Paella Pan and a wheeled stand with tray)
CARMENCITA Instant Seafood Paella Set made in Spain
VIGO Paella de Mariscos 19oz
VIGO Arroz con Calamares 19oz
VIGO Paella 8 oz.
CEBOLLA/DE GUSTE Arroz Redondo Español 1 kilo
VIGO Yellow Rice 10 oz.
VIGO Black Beans & Rice Dinner 6 oz
VIGO Basmati Scented Rice 2 lb.
DELUXE Paella Combo
VIGO White & Wild Rice 8 oz.

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VIGO Paella 8 oz.