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Spam Classic Net.Wt 12 oz

Spam Classic Net.Wt 12 oz

Item# CU5512
Have a nice and hearty meal ready to enjoy in just minutes with this 12-oz can of Spam Canned Meat. This ready-to-eat item can be used for any meal at any time of day. There are many different ways to prepare Spam meat. Fry it up, and eat it in a sandwich, or broil it for a dinner rich in protein. It can even be eaten cold for a quick meal on the go. This item comes fully cooked, so it is ready to be eaten right from the can. It makes a delicious addition to eggs at breakfast. Spam Canned Meat does not need to be refrigerated until after it is opened, so it's handy to have in the cupboard for those days when you need a quick meal.
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