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Maggi Crema Marinera Net.Wt 70g Latin Food Gift Baskets
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Maggi Crema Marinera Net.Wt 70g

Maggi Crema Marinera Net.Wt 70g
Item #SP555
Regular price:$4.99

Maggi creamy seafood soup is made with high quality ingredients, just the way you would make them at home. Maggi soups are made to make things easy in the kitchen, giving you soups with homemade flavor so you can bring the family together at the dinner table. Maggi creamy seafood soup is your best option when you don't feel like slaving before the stove after a hard day’s work. Give your soup a special touch by adding parsley or cilantro to garnish your soup. The ways you can use packet soups are endless, they will not only help you boost your favorite recipes but you can use them as a savory meal base. Maggi soups are an indispensable part of every kitchen pantry and something you can’t be without.You never know when you’ll need one!

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MAGGI Crema de Mariscos 2.82oz
Knorr Caldo Con Sabor De Pollo 8 cubos Net. Wt 3.1 oz
Maggi Sopa Sabor a Res Con Fideos ( Beef Flavored Noddle Soup Mix ) Net. Wt 2.11 oz
Knorr Sopa Fideos Con Tomate (Tomato Based Pasta Soup Mix) Net.Wt 3.05 oz
Maggi Crema Marinera Net.Wt 70g
Knorr Crema Esparragos Net.Wt 68g
Knorr Crema Tomate Net.Wt 64g
Knorr Mini Cubos Cilantro Seasoning Containing 20 Cubes NET WT 80g
Maggi Sopas Caseras Vegetales con Pollo y Fideos (Homestyle Soups with Vegetables Chicken and Pasta) Sachet 3.24oz
Madame Gougosse Caldo Sabor a Chivo (Goat Flavored Boullion) Box 8 Tablets Weighing 2.81 oz
Madame Gougousse Caldo Sabor a Pescado (Fish Flavored Bouillon) Box 8 tablets weighing 2.81oz
LA CRIADA Salsa de Tomate Premium Estilo Espanol 8 oz
PAMPLONA o EL CRIOLLO Jugo de Limon 32 oz. bottle
PAMPLONA Sazon Con Culantro & Achiote 3.52 oz. (20 sobres)
CHEF CESAR Recaito 12oz
KNORR Caldo de Gallina 6 cubitos
KNORR Caldo Concentrado de Jamon (6 Cubitos)
KNORR Cubitos de Calabaza y Jamon 2.3 oz. 6 Cubitos
ACCENT Sa-son Con Culantro & Achiote 3.52 oz.
MAGGI Caldo de Pollo 6 Tabletas
Goya Marinade Mojo Pina 24.5 oz.

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Maggi Crema Marinera Net.Wt 70g