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Juanitas Foods Menudo Net.Wt 25 oz

Juanitas Foods Menudo Net.Wt 25 oz

Item# M554
Menudo is one of the most popular dishes in Mexico. This hearty stew is a meal in itself with tender beef tripe and Mexican-style hominy combined in a red chile broth. It is appropriate to serve any time of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Menudo is also a traditional holiday specialty and served at any festive occasion. Juanita's Menudo is the NUMBER ONE selling Menudo in the United States. It is considered a staple in the Mexican food category; a "must stock" item. And no wonder, with its authentic homemade taste that can be enjoyed in minutes, rather than the many hours it requires to prepare in the home. Juanita's only uses U.S.D.A. approved beef tripe. We only use salt and lime to process the dried white corn into savory hominy never using lye like other brands. All you need to do is heat and serve Juanita's Menudo and garnish with diced raw onions, fresh sprigs of cilantro, a squirt of fresh lime and sprinkle with dried aromatic oregano. From our cocina (kitchen) to yours.
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