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Jamon IBERICO loncheado (sliced) FERMIN 4 oz.

Jamon IBERICO loncheado (sliced) FERMIN 4 oz.

Item# SP99181
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Sliced Jamon Iberico

Spanish Iberico Ham

Buy Fermin Sliced Jamon IbericoIberico Ham from Fermin is not to be missed. Iberico ham also known as Pata Negra, takes years to perfect. Jamon Iberico comes from the special breed of black pigs which are fed a steady diet of corn and grains. This special diet results in a higher and more expensive grade of spanish ham. Jamon Iberico has an attractive maroon color and sweeter taste than jamon serrano. Jamon Iberico is cured in the La Alberca mountains for 36 months Order today!

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