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HAVANNA Havannet Mixtos (6 Havannets)Latin Food Gift Baskets
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HAVANNA Havannet Mixtos (6 Havannets)

HAVANNA Havannet Mixtos (6 Havannets)
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Havanna Havannet Mixtos

Freshly Imported from Argentina

Havanna Havannet MixtosHavanna Havannet Mixtos are another Havanna masterpiece. Havannet Mixtos are small cookies topped with a cone of dulce de leche dipped and coated in chocolate and white chocolate. An Argentine treasure. Six Havannets per box.

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Havanna Alfajores Chocolate Clasico Net. Wt 660gr
HAVANNA Galletitas Limon 300 grs (12cookies)
Havanna Alfajores Mixtos De Chocolate 12 units Net.Wt 660 gr
Havanna 12 Alfajores Mixtos 612 g
Havanna Alfajores Merengue Clasico Net.Wt 282 g
Havanna Alfajores Chocolate Blanco Net.Wt 330g
HAVANNA Dulce de Leche 450 grs.
HAVANNA Havannet Mixtos (6 Havannets)
Havanna Alfajor 6 Mixtos Alfajores 306 grs
Alfajores HAVANNA Chocolate 330 grs. 6 unidades
HAVANNA Galletitas Limon cubiertas con chocolate 300 grs (12cookies)

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HAVANNA Havannet Mixtos (6 Havannets)