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Colombia's Taste of Home Gift Basket

Colombia's Taste of Home Gift Basket

Item# CO99182

Taste the Flavors of Colombia

Celebrate Colombian Style

Make the holidays or any special event a truly memorable one by giving someone you love this Colombian holiday gift basket with all the best Colombia has to offer.

Includes one each of the following;

  • Lucerna Turron de Cacahuete 12.7 oz.
  • Alpina Dulce de Leche 220 grs.
  • Luker Chocolate Dulce 17 oz.
  • Sello Rojo Cafe de Colombia 250 grs.
  • Colombina Delight Caramelos de Cafe (50 candies)
  • Sumaiz Bunuelos Tradicion Colombiana 14 oz.
  • Sumaiz Natilla con Panela 14 oz.
  • Dux Galletas de Soda 16 oz.
  • Doña Arepa Harina de Maiz Precocida Blanca 1 kg
  • Del Frutal Bocadillo Veleno 510 grs.
  • Kiskas Guascas Sobre de 10 grs.
  • Mayte Rollitos de Guayaba con Arequipe 12 oz.
  • Colombina Surtido de Galletas Navideñas 240 grs.
  • Triguisar Condimento 2.4 oz.
  • *If an item is out of stock, we may substitute products of equal or greater quality from those listed above.

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