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BAUDUCCO Wafers 6.3 ozLatin Food Gift Baskets
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BAUDUCCO Wafers 6.3 oz

BAUDUCCO Wafers 6.3 oz
Item #BR700
Regular price:$2.29
SALE PRICE:$1.99, 10 for $15.00

Bauducco Wafers

Brazilian Wafers

Bauducco Waferse Bauducco Wafers are a hit in Brazil. Now you can buy them in the USA too! Order your favorite flavor above; Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Dulce de Leche. Delicious!

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Bauducco Colomba Easter Cake Net Wt.26.20 oz
Bauducco Wafer Dulce de Leche Net Wt 4.94 oz
Bauducco Mini Cake Chocolate 4 Individually Wrapped 1.41 oz each
Bauducco Mini Cake Strawberry 4 Individually Wrapped 1.41oz each
Bauducco Wafer Vanilla Sugar Free 4.23oz
Bauducco Bolo Chocolate Recheado com Chocolate (Chocolate Cake) Package Weighing 280g - Brasil
Bauducco Bolo Mesclado (Mixed Cake Chocolate and Vanilla Flavor) Package 220g
BAUDUCCO Toasts 5.64 oz
BAUDUCCO Original Shortbread Milk Natural Flavored Cookies 11.82 oz
Bauducco Chocottone 500g/17.5 oz
Bauducco Panettone 500g/17.5 oz.
Bauducco Panettone 750g/26.2 oz.
Bauducco Chocottone 750g/26.2 oz
BAUDUCCO Wafers 6.3 oz
A Bauducco Panettone & Chocottone Combo 750 grs Each
Bauducco Mini Panettone Con Frutas 80g/2.82 oz
BAUDUCCO Bolo Com Gotas Sabor Chocolate 280 grs.

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BAUDUCCO Wafers 6.3 oz