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BAUDUCCO Wafers 6.3 ozLatin Food Gift Baskets
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BAUDUCCO Wafers 6.3 oz

BAUDUCCO Wafers 6.3 oz
Item #BR700
Regular price:$2.29
SALE PRICE:$1.99, 10 for $15.00

Bauducco Wafers

Brazilian Wafers

Bauducco Waferse Bauducco Wafers are a hit in Brazil. Now you can buy them in the USA too! Order your favorite flavor above; Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Dulce de Leche. Delicious!

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Bauducco Mini Chocottone Net.Wt 100g/3.53 oz.
Bauducco Colomba Easter Cake Net Wt.26.20 oz
Bauducco Wafer Dulce de Leche Net Wt 4.94 oz
Bauducco Mini Cake Chocolate Chips Net Wt. 7.41 oz
Bauducco Mini Cake Strawberry Net Wt. 8.47 oz
Bauducco Wafer Vanilla Sugar Free 4.23oz
Bauducco Bolo Chocolate Recheado con Chocolate (Chocolate Cake) Package Weighing 280g - Brasil
Bauducco Bolo Mesclado (Mixed Cake Chocolate and Vanilla Flavor) Package 220g
BAUDUCCO Toasts 5.64 oz
BAUDUCCO Original Shortbread Milk Natural Flavored Cookies 11.82 oz
Bauducco Chocottone 500g/17.5 oz
Bauducco Panettone 500g/17.5 oz.
Bauducco Panettone 750g/26.2 oz.
Bauducco Chocottone 750g/26.2 oz
BAUDUCCO Wafers 6.3 oz
A Bauducco Panettone & Chocottone Combo 750 grs Each
Bauducco Mini Panettone Con Frutas 80g/2.82 oz
BAUDUCCO Bolo Com Gotas Sabor Chocolate 280 grs.

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BAUDUCCO Wafers 6.3 oz