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Wasska Sal y Limon Completo<br> (Salty Lemon Rimmer) 3.5 ozLatin Food Gift Baskets
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Wasska Sal y Limon Completo
(Salty Lemon Rimmer) 3.5 oz

Wasska Sal y Limon Completo (Salty Lemon Rimmer) 3.5 oz
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Wasska Rimmers

Salty Lemon Rimmer

Wasska Salty Lemon Rimmers are a necessity for a picture perfect Margarita. An ideal combination of sugar, salt and lemon add the finishing touch to a tasty Margarita. Sponge and Rimmer contents makes it easy to wet, dip and enjoy! Made in Peru.

Wasska Rimmers
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Wasska Sal y Limon Completo
(Salty Lemon Rimmer) 3.5 oz