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GAROTO Serenata de Amor 1 KiloLatin Food Gift Baskets
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GAROTO Serenata de Amor 1 Kilo

GAROTO Serenata de Amor 1 Kilo
Item #BR9187
Regular price:$25.99
SALE PRICE:$21.59, 2 for $40.00, 4 for $76.00

Serenata de Amor

Brazil's Favorite Chocolates

Garoto's Serenata de Amor Brazilian Chocolates Shipped To Your Home Or Office. Easy Online Ordering & Fast Delivery!

Garoto Serenata de AmorBrazilian Bonbons filled with cashew nuts and wrapped with a layer of wafer biscuit and covered with a layer of delicious milk chocolate. In Stock & Ready To Ship From Miami.
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GAROTO It Coco 900 grs. (30 Chocolate Bars)
ARCOR Bon O Bon Oblea Rellena con Caramelo y Cereal Crocante Sabor Chocolate 576 grs.
ARCOR Bon O Bon Regaleria Blanco Bonbons 270 grs.
Savoy Toronto Nestle Avellana Cubierta con Chocolate 324 grs. 36 Units of 9 grs each
Susy Maxi Venezolana, Galleta Rellena con Crema de Chocolate 18 units of 50 grs each
Beso de Negra NESTLE 15.8 oz.(14 unidades)
FELFORT Paraguitas de Chocolate (Chupetines) 40 Unidades 520 grs.
CORONA Chocolate Dulce Colombiano 500 grs.
GAROTO Bombons Sortidos 1 kilo
NESTLE Cocosette Maxi Galleta Rellena De Coco 900 grs.(18 pieces of 50 grs.each)
ARCOR Bon-O-Bon Assorted Bonbon with Chocolate 289 gr.(17 units)
GAROTO Serenata de Amor 1 Kilo
ARCOR Bon-O-Bon Bombones de Chocolate y Oblea con Relleno Chocolate y Trocitos de Mani 510g
NESTLE Especialidades Bombones Surtidos 400 grs.
JET Chocolate de Leche 4.23 oz 10 Unidades
DOS CORAZONES Bocadito de Chocolate Con Leche Relleno 520 grs. 20 Unidades
AGUILA Chocolate 150 grs.
ARCOR Chocolate & Mint Candies Repackaged 3.8 oz.
GAROTO Serenata de Amor cashew nut cream filled bonbon 9.3 oz
GAROTO Chocolate Blanco 150 grs
GAROTO Bonbons Sortidos 12.5 oz .
MENIER Chocolate Dulce 8 oz.
TRENCITO Chocolate 150 grs.
NESTLE Sahne Nuss 160 grs
LUKER Chocolate Amargo (Bitter) 8.75 oz
DIANA Chocolate de Colombia con Clavos Y Canela 500 grs
LUKER Chocolate Dulce (Sweet) 17.5oz
SOL Chocolate Dulce 17.5oz
SOL DE CUSCO Chocolate Con Clavo Y Canela 90 grs.
SOL DEL CUSCO Chocolate tableta familiar 300 grs
CUSCO Chocolate Para Taza Premium Con Clavo, Canela Y Vainilla 90grs
GAROTO Baton Chocolate Ao Leite 480 g. (30 units of 16 g.each)
GAROTO Baton Chocolate Branco 480 g (16.9 oz.)
Jumbo Jet Chocolate de Leche con Mani 100 grs.

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GAROTO Serenata de Amor 1 Kilo